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Kelvin receives Churchill Fellowship!

Kelvin receives Churchill Fellowship!

Congratulations to Our Business Director, Kelvin Slade, who is a 2016 Churchill Fellow!

Kelvin is one of 106 talented Australians who will travel the world over the next year in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence. Kelvin received The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research legionella training and implement a course to educate plumbers on infrastructure treatment.

Here is Kelvin's project description:

To investigate methodology, policy and practices around the management, detection and treatment of Legionella in building hot and cold water systems, with the view to developing an accredited training program to educate and train the plumbing industry in relation to Legionella bacteria, its risks and effects on plumbing systems.

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella bacteria, which are widespread in our environment. The bacteria are found in spas, potting mix, warm water systems and artificial systems that use water for cooling, heating or industrial processes, such as cooling towers.

A person may catch Legionnaires' disease by breathing in fine droplets of water that contain the bacteria. You cannot catch it from another person or by drinking contaminated water.

Of particular concern are the plumbing systems in private health care, aged care and child care facilities. Recently, the 109th confirmed case of Legionella was found in NSW. According to skynews.com.au, 2016 has become the worst year on record for Legionnaires disease.

Detection, monitoring and control of this particular bacteria in hot and cold water systems requires specialised knowledge of not only how the bacteria reacts and grows in certain environments, but also the methodology used to treat and control it in plumbing systems.

Well done Kelvin and good luck! 

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